How to Help

How to Help

What can I do for the Coalition?

Get involved with your community is our mantra.


We can always use people to help with a number of projects. Feel free to contact an officer or member of the Coalition for more in formation on how you can become a member and participate.


Funding for all Coalition services come from fundraising activities such as the annual Blast on the Bridge fireworks display and from Geist residents and local businesses. See our Donors page for more information on how to make a contribution.


Sponsorship opportunities are available to both public and private individuals, businesses and organizations. The Coalition provides a number of programs to recognize individual Sponsorship Levels.


If you are operating any kind of water craft, make sure you know the rules of the water. If you don’t, take a boating safety course. Then use it.


If you have children using the Lake, make them aware of the basic safety rules. If you have adolescents/young adults operating any kind of water craft, make sure they have taken a boating safety course, monitor their boating skills and handle unsafe boating the same way you would deal with unsafe driving. If you have guests who are not knowledgeable about boating, do not let them operate any water craft without your supervision. Refer your neighbors, family, friends and others to our safe boating resources.

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